Wailing Beasts are a Wendigo variant in Diablo II.


Wailing Beasts are almost as large as Crushers. They have developed their horrible roars into an ululating scream. As their foes stand dazed, the Beast moves in with its claws.[1]


Wailing Beasts are the strongest variant of Wendigo. They are found in the Ruined Temple, Disused Fane and Forgotten Reliquary, in Act III. They have a chance to deal Fire damage in Nightmare and Hell difficulties.


Wailing Beast
Wailing Beast

Property Normal Nightmare Hell
Type Animal Animal Animal
Act(s) found in 3 3 3
Monster Level
Health points
Damage 1
Attack Rating 1
Damage 2
Attack Rating 2
% to Block
Damage Resist
Magic Resist
Fire Resist
Cold Resist
Lightning Resist
Poison Resist
Drain Effectiveness
Chill Effectiveness


  1. To Hell and Back

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