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This is about the weapon type Wands. For the individual weapon, see Wand.

A Wand is a Weapon in form of a short one-handed rod, usually made from enchanted wood or metal, used to direct and focus the magical energy.

Diablo IIEdit

Necromancers often make Wands out of bones, filling them with soul energy of the slain foes and haunting spirits. Their wands usually enhance the abilities to control UndeadSorceresses rarely use Wands, as those are less potent than Sorceress Orbs, and cannot be attuned to elemental magic.

Normal Wands — WandYew WandBone WandGrim Wand
Exceptional Wands — Burnt WandPetrified WandTomb WandGrave Wand
Elite Wands — Polished WandGhost WandLich WandUnearthed Wand
Unique Wands
Normal Wands — Torch of Iro (Wand) • Maelstrom (Yew Wand) • Gravenspine (Bone Wand) • Ume's Lament (Grim Wand)
Exceptional Wands — Suicide Branch (Burnt Wand) • Carin Shard (Petrified Wand) • Arm of King Leoric (Tomb Wand) • Blackhand Key (Grave Wand)
Elite Wands — Boneshade (Lich Wand) • Death's Web (Unearthed Wand)

Diablo IIIEdit

"Arcane energies need a conduit, lest they flow forth undirected. A wizard’s body can serve as the channel for many spells, but wands further refine and focus the process of directing magic."

- Game Guide(src)

Wands are a very popular weapon of Wizards, who can intuitively channel their own arcane energy through the weapon in form of rapid bursts of force, fire, ice, lightning, arcane or poisoned bolts. Such firing is so trivial and effortless that it does not take any of the precious Arcane Power from the Wizard, serving them well when their magical force is all but depleted. However, this weapon is useless to one of undisciplined mind, making a wand nothing more than a piece of junk for anyone except Wizards or Sorcerers.

In-game, Wands are class-specific Wizard ranged weapons, with fast to very fast attack speed and potential bonuses to maximum Arcane Power. 

Wands cannot be transmogrified to have an appearance of any other weapon type. 

Normal Wands
Apprentice's WandLesser WandOak WandWandSteel WandMentor WandEnchanter WandGrim WandPetrified WandDuelist WandJade WandBattle WandDivination WandSorcery WandSilversteel WandGreater WandGuardianMagus WandSpellbinderArchmage WandStrike WandDesolator WandDemon's Head WandDiabolic Wand
Legendary Wands
StarfireBlackhand KeySerpent's SparkerWand of WohGesture of OrpheusFragment of DestinyRuinstokeSlorak's MadnessAtrophyAether Walker
Crafted Wands
Apprentice Lesser WandJourneyman Steel WandAdept Enchanter WandMaster Grim WandMagnificent Greater WandGlorious Arch Mage WandRuinstokeExalted Strike WandExalted Fine Strike WandExalted Grand Strike WandExquisite Demon's Head WandSovereign Diabolic WandHallowed ScepterAtrophyHallowed Baton

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