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Warpspear is a unique exceptional Gothic Staff designed for Sorceress use.

As its name implies, Warpspear provides significant bonuses to Teleport, as well as good bonuses to the rest of a sorceress' skills. Although a +6 bonus to Teleport is impressive, levels into Teleport only reduce its mana cost, so excessive bonuses to Teleport may be interpreted as superfluous.



Gothic Staff

Two-Hand Damage: 14 to 34
Required Level: 39
Required Strength: 25
Durability: 40
Staff class - Normal Attack Speed
+50% Damage To Undead
Ignore Target's Defense
+250 Defense vs. Missiles
+3 To Sorceress Skill Levels
+3 To Energy Shield (Sorceress Only)
+3 To Telekinesis (Sorceress Only)
+3 To Teleport (Sorceress Only)

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