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Variation 1

Entrance to the Watch Tower

The Watch Tower is a randomly generated zone in Diablo III. Prior to patch 1.05 is was located on the Western cliffs of the Northern Highlands. After patch 1.05, it now shows up in the Southern Highlands.

Watch Tower Level 1Edit

Prior to patch 1.05, it was unlike most mini dungeons in that the Watch Tower Level 1 was a fairly simple zone, which only had three different variations.

Following patch 1.05, it is now more complicated. It now shares a tile set with the Cathedral and is similar in size to Cathedral Level 1.

Watch Tower Level 2Edit

The Watch Tower Level 2 is important because it's where you find Vendel the Armorsmith who gives you the quest The Scavenged Scabbard which is the only way to get Scabbard of Talic the Defender a journal entry needed for the achievement A Quick Study.

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