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Act I waypoint

An Act I waypoint, the first kind the player encounters

Waypoints are magical teleportation devices in Diablo II. They can be used to travel quickly between several areas in each Act.


The world of Sanctuary is huge, and often, great distances separate towns from their outlying regions. During the Sin War, the Horadrim devised a system of magic Waypoints to provide instant transport from one place to another. The magics at work have long since been forgotten, as the Horadric Magi have all but disappeared. However, these Waypoints remain as a legacy to the Horadrim's once-great power, and the value of these devices cannot be denied.

Waypoint MenuEdit


Waypoint Menu (Act I shown)

Within every town, and at various places throughout each Act there are Waypoints. Click on them to bring up the Waypoint Menu, displaying a list of destinations.

This menu shows all possible locations to which you can travel. Be sure to click on Waypoints as you find them to add their location to your Waypoint Menu. The Waypoint destinations in gray text are ones you have not yet discovered and activated. You can jump to any Waypoint shown in blue text by clicking on its button in the Waypoint Menu. You may also access Waypoints from other Acts by using the Act Tab in this menu. Since Waypoints are saved with your character between games, they are a quick way to bypass areas you have already explored.

The most important thing to remember about Waypoints is to always activate new ones when you see them. Once you have clicked on a Waypoint, you will be able to move to that Waypoint from any other Waypoint.

Waypoint AppearanceEdit

The Horadrim Magi were wily, making some of the Waypoints difficult to recognize. Many of the Waypoints blend into their surroundings. Check your Automap often, as Waypoints are easy to spot on your Automap.

Party members do not share Waypoints with each other; however, players can help transport other players to a Waypoint's location by opening a Town Portal. Players who haven't activated that Waypoint location can now use this Town Portal to reach the undiscovered Waypoint. Once there, they can activate the Waypoint and add it to their own Waypoint lists.

When you use a Waypoint to switch between Acts, it is best to go first to the main town of the Act to which you are traveling. This way, you can safely load the Act in town, where you cannot be attacked. From there, you can use the Waypoint to go to other Waypoints in the Act.

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