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Westmarch is one of the Western Kingdoms, along with Entsteig and Khanduras. The name may also refer to the kingdom's capital. They have a powerful military led by the Knights of Westmarch under General Torion.

History Edit

The Kingdom of Westmarch was initially founded by the Sons of Rakkis. The Sons of Rakkis were defenders of the Light and slew the followers of Astrogha in Westmarch hundred of years prior to the second attempt to summon the demon from the Burning Hells into Sanctuary. During the reign of King Leoric of Khanduras Leoric, being influenced by Diablo through his traitorous advisor Archbishop Lazarus, ordered his army to invade Westmarch. The invasion failed miserably due to Westmarch's greater power over Khanduras, and led directly to Leoric's overthrow and death, and from there the Darkening of Tristram.



A view of Westmarch from the overlook

Westmarch is the main setting for Act V of Diablo III.





One of Westmarch's northern encampments


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The kingdom's appearance and culture are reminiscent of medieval Europe. From a development perspective, time was taken to ensure that Westmarch's culture was distinct from other cultures such as that of Kehjistan.[1]


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