"For every man who dies for Westmarch, let him know that Westmarch lives for him."

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The Westmarch Navy (a.k.a. King's Royal Navy) was the maritime defense force of the kingdom of Westmarch.


Westmarch served as the berth of the Navy.

The Navy often came into contact with pirates. It maintained a system of officers (e.g. captains) and enlisted men (e.g. sailors). A quarterly meeting called "the Captain's Table" was held between chosen ship captains. A captain's uniform was green with gold piping, accompanied by a cloak. Sailors wore whites in the event of funerals, inspections, or while at anchorage. Sailors buried at sea had the flag of Westmarch draped over their bodies. Sailors within the navy often endured long hours, low pay, and a dismissive attitude from the captains they served under. Great pains were taken to ensure that ships didn't stink; salt and vinegar were applied to prevent fungus from growing on wood.

Navy captains demonstrated harsh discipline. Lower ranked officers could be flogged if deemed necessary.[1]


Westmarch quickly grew into a major maritime power due to its plentiful access to the sea.[2] The navy was never able to verify the location of Greyhollow Island, regardless of whatever attempts they might have made.[3]

c. 1263, the Navy was involved in rescuing the king's nephew from pirates. They invaded their stronghold of Tauruk's Port and rescued him. However, due to the sighting of a demon in the port, Cornelius pulled his navy back into Westmarch. Dissent grew around northern ports and cities that had usually relied on the navy to defend them. Pirates grew more bold, and northern cities no longer curried as much favor with the kingdom as they once had.[1]

Over twenty years later, the navy lost its berth as Westmarch's capital came under assault by the Reapers, and was abandoned.[4]

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