Widowmaker is a unique Ward Bow.

One of the few bows which ignores a target's Defense, Widowmaker almost never misses, especially if combined with its bonuses to Guided Arrow. It is sometimes used in player versus player mode, mainly to deliver Poison Damage (Assassin's Venom Skill), or to apply Open Wounds.



Ward Bow

Two-Hand Damage: (50-60) to (132-159)
Required Level: 65
Required Strength: 72
Required Dexterity: 146
Bow Class - Fast Attack Speed
+150-200% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
33% Deadly Strike
+3-5 To Guided Arrow
Fires Magic Arrows [Level 11]

(Ladder Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

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