Willowisps are undead shades, encountered in the Kurast jungles (Act III) and Burning Hells (Act IV).

When they move around they are virtually invisible, save for a tiny light radius. Before they attack, they become visible again. Willowisps attack in large packs and use Lightning spells. In large packs they can easily confound players and zap them down before even a single Willowisp is killed.

It is best to have some Lightning Resistance when fighting these monsters, along with a large amount of life. As with many enemies, though their attack is powerful they do not have a lot of life. Willowisps also drain mana when attacking.

Willowisps appear in four variations:

On Nightmare, Burning Souls are immune to Lightning. On Hell, both variations are immune to Lightning while Burning Souls are also immune to poison.


Created from the vapors that rise from the dense jungle swamps, these mindless forms seek out the energy contained in all living things. While not evil in nature, their feeding habits do make them a serious threat to adventurers.


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