"I have found many references to the beasts of Pandemonium in Cain's old writings. He journeyed there twenty years ago to help a band of heroes seal away the Prime Evils, and his discoveries appear to have shaken him deeply. Sometimes, he would stare outside the fortress walls and winged beasts would appear, calling his name."

Lorath Nahr(src)

A pack of Winged Talus beasts

Winged Talus 
are Ancient Beast enemies found in Act V of Diablo III. They are roughly analogous to Blood Hawks.


Winged Talus only appear in Battlefields of Eternity and Realm of the Banished. Like Blood Hawks, Winged Talus are fragile and fast, attacking in melee with their claws. They start the combat unreachable, circling above the battlefield, but descend for attack, usually when they see that their prey is already in fight.

In combat, they are very weak, but usually attack in large numbers: the apotheosis is A Diversion event, where they literally swarm around in hundreds.


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