Wortham ablaze

Wortham was a fishing town situated in Khanduras, located west of New Tristram. A ferry provided transit between the two towns. Other nearby locations included the Wortham Bluffs[1] and the Festering Woods.[2] Its features included the Wortham Chapel.[1]

In 1285,[3] the town was set ablaze by Maghda and her zealots, on the hunt for a shard of El'druin. Their efforts were thwarted by a group of heroes however.[1]


Wortham appears as a zone in the first act of Diablo III. It is the basis of the quest The Doom in Wortham.

Verrall is found in the north of town, by a burning chapel. The priest's satchel is found in the south of town, and contains the Priest's Contemplations.

The Caverns of Araneae are accessible through Wortham Bluffs, an area through the north gates of town, past the Priest's burning chapel.

Known ResidentsEdit


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