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Xiansai (pronounced "shyan-sai") is an island in Sanctuary's northern hemisphere—west of the Frozen Sea and north-west of Scosglen. It is the home of the Xian. Xiansai is Sanctuary's northernmost nation, and due to its insular nature, Xian culture developed free from major foreign influence. Xian society is dominated by the Great Families, which each controls a portion of their kingdom's economy. Xian religion is polytheistic, featuring numerous gods, albeit without any distinct hierarchy.[1]

Capital of the island is also named Xiansai.[2]

Beliefs and CultureEdit

"The people of Xiansai worship fifty-nine gods, but few are more revered than Zei, the exiled trickster god who travels the face of the world, disguised as a humble merchant. Tales of his adventures range from ingenious thefts and practical jokes to more... lurid exploits, none of which I am comfortable recording here."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

Xiansai is home to unmatched artisans and artists, as well as enigmatic sorcerers, scholars and philosophers. Many jewels of wonder were made in Xiansai by famed gem cutters. Names of Xiansai people are varying from quite complex (of three and more parts) to simpler ones. The Mage Clans sometimes pick Xian children for study[3].

Arts practicioned in Xiansai include the legal making of poisons[4]


The time before Xiansai's unification is referred to as a time of legends. The mage Woh and his companions herald from this age.[5]


Diablo IIEdit

Xiansai technically appears in the world map in the manual for Diablo II, but is unnamed.

Diablo IIIEdit

The Wizard class and Covetous Shen hail from Xiansai.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The name Xiansai seems to come from the nomenclature system of Chinese cities. In China, "Xi'an", assuming there are two syllables, is a capital city which means "Peace in the West". The pronunciation of the word "Xi'an" in Mandarin Chinese, written as "西安", sounds like "shee-anh" in English. However logically, "Xian" ought to be shown as only one syllable and should be pronounced like "shyan" in English. Quite possibly, the syllable "Xian" refers to the Chinese Character "仙", which means an immortal or being mysterious if it is an adjective. The syllable "sai" means fortress, written as "塞" as a noun. Therefore, the word "Xiansai" means "The Fortress of the Immortals" or "The Mysterious Fortress".
  • "Xiansai" is perhaps an anagram of the word "Asian" plus the letters "x" and an additional letter "i"


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