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The Island of Xiansai (pronounced roughly similar to shyan-sai) is found to the North-western side of Tur Dulra.

Nothing is known regarding the island except its location in the map of Sanctuary but there is rampant speculation regarding its distinctly Asian name.


The new Diablo III class, the Wizard is mentioned to be from the island nation in its lore entry. From character apparence and attire, both the male and female wizard appears to be from Xiansai.

When the game is released, it may be revealed why Xiansai was so prominently featured in the Sanctuary world map, from any quests as well as from the Wizard's backstory.

Asian CivilizationEdit

CAUTION: The following section contains content that has not been confirmed. At this point, it is pure speculation.

Xiansai is in the North
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The name Xiansai seems to come from the nomenclature system of Chinese cities. In China, "Xi'an", assuming there are two syllables, is a capital city which means "Peace in the West". The pronunciation of the word "Xi'an" in Mandarin Chinese, written as "西安", sounds like "shee-anh" in English. However logically, "Xian" ought to be shown as only one syllable and should be pronounced like "shyan" in English. Quite possibly, the syllable "Xian" refers to the Chinese Character "仙", which means an immotal or being mysterious if it is an adjective. The syllable "sai" means fortress, written as "塞" as a noun. Therefore, the word "Xiansai" means "The Fortress of the Immortals" or "The Mysterious Fortress". Also in the game, the wizards might regard themselves as people with the mysterious immortal prowess, so this naming of their homeland is to reflect their skills in Diablo's setting. In addition, the word "Xiansai" is perhaps an anagram of the word "Asian" plus the letters "x" and an additional letter "i" has led to speculation that Xiansai is home to an as yet unexplored Asian or specifically Chinese-themed civilization. There are many possible references to such a civilization to exist mostly in the Diablo series' many different unique items.

But a very obvious reference is the distinctly east Asian face of the female Wizard in the Diablo III concept art who is said to be from Xiansai in her lore entry.

In Diablo I, Splint Mail looked distinctly like the armor worn by Japanese Samurai warriors. In fact, the mere existence of Splint Mail suggests an Asian influence in the items of the Sanctuary, since it was never used by the Medieval Armies of Europe or for that matter, anywhere except Asia. There was also the Great Sword that looked like a katana, the swords of the samurais and the War Staff that looks like a naginata, a weapon similar to the glaive, used in Medieval Japan.

In Diablo II, there were many more items, mostly uniques, that depicted Asia. The Splint Mail made a return along with most of the various Assassin-only weapons, the Katars. The most obvious reference is seen in the unique items. The items like the Buriza-Do Kyanon, Chu-Ko-Nu, Bing Sz Wang and The General's Tan Do Li Ga have a clear Asian reference. There are several types of cultures reflected in them: for example, many items have Chinese namesakes as mentioned. Items with names like Kuko Shakaku reflect Japanese cultures, while The Iron Jang Bong has a Korean name and the Heaven's Brethren and Hwanin's Majesty have names directly from Korean myths. Another less obvious reference is seen in Act V, from Qual-Kehk's gossip. He mentions Larzuk's, in his opinion, insane idea to fill huge pipes with some powder and fill them with metal balls and fire them at the demons. This obviously refers to cannons and their working. Since gunpowder was invented in China, it can be said that it is an indirect reference to a possibly Asian civilization in Sanctuary. Moreover, it is said that Larzuk heard it from travelers, which may be from Xiansai. Alkor the alchemist has a very strong Indian accent, which may also have originated from Xiansai.

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