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Zhar the Mad is a Unique Counselor Mage on Level 8 with a North British accent, and one of the most dangerous Unique Monsters in Diablo I.

Speaking to Zhar will activate a quest, in which he will give you a scroll. You can also click on all the books on the pedestals in the library, which will drop different scrolls. Trying to grab the books on the bookcase will infuriate him and will cause him to attack you. He is most easily defeated by being cornered or, even better, catching him between the two lamps left and right in front of the bookcase. He will not be able to phase himself out and reappear every few seconds, leaving enough time to hit him once or twice, without attacking the character.


  • What? Why are you here? All these interruptions are enough to make one insane. *mad laughter* Here, take this and leave me to my work. Trouble me no more.
  • ARGH, your curiosity will be the death of you!(proceeds to attack the character)
  • I'm sorry... did I break your concentration?(the character after defeating Zhar)


Resistances: Fire, Lightning
Immunities: Magic
Life: 360
Dungeon Level: 8
Damage: 16-40

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