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This is an extremely rare rune which can be inserted into Socketed Items. Requires level 69 to use. The Zod rune is statistically the second-rarest item to be dropped in the game, outclassed in rarity only by the unique armor Tyrael's Might.

Provided one can find an Ethereal piece of equipment with a socket, this rune can turn that item's usefulness into well over that of a regular item. Since it's impossible to destroy an item with a Zod rune socketed, a hero can make use of its extra damage/defense with less need for gold than otherwise, and the -10 to all item requirements, while slight, could allow up to +20 points into Vitality, due to the lessened need for Strength and Dexterity. This method of action, however, is indeed costly if one only has that Zod rune.


  • Weapons: Indestructible
  • Armor: Indestructible
  • Helms: Indestructible
  • Shields: Indestructible

Rune WordsEdit

The Zod Rune is used in the following Rune Word:


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.

Counting only El runes, it would take exactly 14,281,868,906,496 (14 trillion) through Horadric Cube transmutations to create one Zod Rune.

However, El runes alone won't cut it. In addition, one would also need 362,797,056 Chipped Topazes, 120,932,352 Chipped Amethysts, 40,310,784 Chipped Sapphires, 13,436,928 Chipped Rubies, 4,478,976 Chipped Emeralds, 1,492,992 Chipped Diamonds, 497,664 Flawed Topazes, 165,888 Flawed Amethysts, 55,296 Flawed Sapphires, 18,432 Flawed Rubies, 6144 Flawed Emeralds, 2048 Flawed Diamonds, 1024 Topazes, 512 Amethysts, 256 Sapphires, 128 Rubies, 64 Emeralds, 32 Diamonds, 16 Flawless Topazes, 8 Flawless Amethysts, 4 Flawless Sapphires, 2 Flawless Rubies, and 1 Flawless Emerald.

Selling this instead of using it for a Zod rune would yield 3,999,059,720,467,380 gold (almost 4 quadrillion)-enough to fill a stash to its maximum gold capacity 1,599,623,888 times.

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