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Zombie Charger

Zombie Charger is a Witch Doctor skill in Diablo III. It summons a Zombie Minion that charges directly forward before dissolving into a cloud of poison gas.

It is unlocked at level 14. All runes cost 140 Mana at level 60.

Rune Abilities
Rune Level Unlocked Description
None 14 Call forth a reckless, suicidal zombie that deals 205% weapon damage as Poison to all enemies in its path before decomposing.
Leperous Zombie 21 The Zombie Charger leaves behind a cloud of noxious vapors that deals 25% weapon damage as Poison to enemies caught in it.
Undeath 27 If the Zombie Charger kills any enemies, it will reanimate and charge nearby enemies for 205%weapon damage as Poison. This effect can repeat up to 2 times.

Wave of Zombies

33 Summon 3 Zombie Chargers that each deal 72% weapon damage as Poison.
Explosive Beast 42 Summon an explosive Zombie Dog that streaks toward your target before exploding, dealing 236%weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 9 yards.
Zombie Bears 54 Summon zombie bears that stampede towards your target. Each bear deals 236% weapon damage as Poison to enemies in the area.

Skill Video - All Runes

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Skill - Zombie Charger(01:47)
Zombie Charger Skill [All Runes]
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