Zorun Tzin was a powerful spellcaster who lived in the eastern empire of Kehjan during the early days of Sanctuary. He appears in the third of Richard A. Knaak's Sin War novels, The Veiled Prophet.


Zorun Tzin was the second son of the famous mage Liov Tzin. Zorun Tzin was described as being a gaunt, bearded and dark-skinned mage with thinning grey hair. Zorun Tzin had been contracted by the Council of Clans to discover more about the Edyrem and their mysterious power. Zorun regularly tortured prisoners by magical means in order to extract information, and he did not hesitate to take lives. In secret, Zorun hoped to capture the Edyrem's leader, Uldyssian, in order to harness his unbridled powers. Zorun also had an assistant, the giant Terul.

It bothered Zorun that the Edyrem - who he scornfully called 'peasants'- possessed tremendous powers, while it had required him a lifetime of intense studying in order to acquire his spell-casting skills. This was also one of Zorun's flaws - one that ultimately proved to be fatal: his ego.

Through magical means, Zorun ambushed Uldyssian as he was travelling along with Master Fahin's caravan. Fahin and all of the caravan's guard were slain in the process. Zorun then turned on his own bodyguards who were send by the Mage Clans to both guard and monitor their agent, killing them as well.

Uldysssian was taken to Zorun's sanctum for interrogation. However, while Zorun was distracted by emissaries of the Mage Clans, his servant Terul - who was in fact possessed by Malic - tried to possess Uldyssian. Uldyssian managed to escape his predicament, blasting Zorun's chamber and incinerating Terul. As Zorun rushed into the chamber, Malic's vile spirit possessed him, killing the mage.

Zorun's body was later disposed of in the tunnels beneath Kehjan, as Malic's spirit found a new host to inhabit. Zorun's body was fed to a ravenous water demon, destroying any remaining traces of the mage.

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